Sunday, 14 January 2018


This will be a relatively short article, but it raises some important philosophical questions for those who believe in the false dogma of either race blindness or race as a social contruct. Both deny the physical nature of race as a reality. A few days ago, the clothing retail chain H&M released the advert below featuring a black child wearing one of their hoodies that bore the inscription 'Coolest monkey in the jungle'. This has now resulted in Blacks in South Africa organising and mobilising against H&M stores, which have been trashed and looted. The Blacks, as ever, claim their actions are justified because H&M are 'racist' because of the word monkey being in close proximity to the black child. The question as to quite why a company that wants their custom would wish to insult them has not occurred to them, nor has the fact that their reaction resembles the behaviour of lower primates, but these points rather disguise the main issue regarding the whole notion of 'racist' insults of this nature.


Saturday, 13 January 2018


Christina Rossetti is best remembered as one of the Pre-Raphaelites. While technically not a member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood herself (she was, after all, a woman), her brother Dante Gabriel was one of its founders and she remains one of the biggest names in the Pre-Raphaelite movement as a whole. As well as modelling for several famous paintings, she was a poet of distinction in her own right and served to renew the lessons and themes from the classics, folk tale and faerytale in her own time, drawing from both her Italian roots and adopted English culture. This adoption of English culture included High Anglicanism, although she tended towards Anglo-Catholicism not as a return to Roman Catholicism, but as a rejection of liberalism within the church. Indeed, she rejected a marriage proposal by Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood painter James Collinson after he reverted back to Roman Catholicism, having converted to High Anglicanism for the engagement with Rossetti.


Cover illustration by Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Wednesday, 10 January 2018


A few days ago, an editor of the online mainstream newspaper The Huffington Post wrote the tweet below, which garnered some media attention. It did not get anywhere near the hysterical outcries from the mainstream press that, say, Donald Trump earns for a bit of harmless locker room banter, which suddenly become 'trumped-up' charges of rape and molestation. McCombs' genuine hatred for men has been, in contrast, largely ignored by her fellow mainstream journalists and she continues to serve as 'Editorial Director of Parents'. As some Alt Right commentators have noted, Mzz McCombs has a young son, but that is not the whole story....


Neil Westwood and I are joined by Alt Right novelist Andy Nowicki (or should that be Nowookie?) as we try to find some redeeming features in Disney's latest anti-Star Wars feature, The Last Jedi. Sadly, as if in some ironic parallel to the Star Wars franchise itself, the quality of this episode deteriorates markedly and it gets pretty echoey later on. As far as I'm aware though, none of us have any Jewish ancestry. Unfortunately, due to the holidays and so on, we found it difficult to schedule a re-recording session and, as The Last Jedi is getting old already, I have decided to just go with what we have. It isn't too bad without earphones, but dreadful when wearing them. Again, (((Youtube))) have put the image upside-down in an act of Semitic pettiness.....


Friday, 29 December 2017


Before I introduce Episode II of Mjolnir at the Movies with Neil Westwood and I, I ought to mention what happened to the first episode. ADL-controlled Youtube took down Episode 1 of Mjolnir at the Movies within a few hours of me having uploaded it. Apparently, it was due to copyright infringement, as I had used John Williams' Krypton theme as an intro to the podcast. Yet strangely, many countless other Youtube videos use film scores and clips without any problems whatsoever. We make absolutely no money from videos, do not ask for donations for them, as they are free to make (although Neil has just bought an amplifier for our current music project....), and have not attempted to monetise videos - although we do not as yet have enough listeners to monetise videos or podcasts. The point is though that videos using copyrighted material are usually only taken down when the user earns money from them, so I am more than a little suspicious about the motivations of a company that has for the last few months employed an aggressive Jewish-supremacist group to censor content. Episode 1 however is still available on Soundcloud, which I hope you will enjoy, and I ask that people share it on social media etc. and make people aware of its existence.


Monday, 18 December 2017


If, like me, you are tired of listening to the personalities of the multi-racialist, globalist, woman-hating, Nazi-LARPing Alt Right bathhouse, the best thing to do is create your own content. This is what we involved with Mjolnir are doing - forming an alternative to the Alternative Right. That means creating content that presents true Rightist ideas and ideals, the norms given by Natural Law that keeps people and peoples sound of spirit, mind and body: racial purity, heterosexuality, natural aristocracy and hierarchy, noblesse oblige and the eternal struggle towards higher things. And we must always remember to do these things in the best spirit and humour, even when we admonish those who stray too far from those ideals we hold dear. This is the spirit in which independent film maker Neil Westwood and I have launched a new weekly-ish podcast called Mjolnir at the Movies, in which we look at films past and present from a Rightist perspective.



Monday, 11 December 2017


The main point of postmodernism, which is the prevailing contradictory philosophy of the contemporary age, is the attack on meaning, whether it be on semantics through cognitive linguistics, on prior religiosity and philosophy through deconstruction theory, on history through new historicism, or on culture through the anti-art artificially propped up by bourgeois and foreign wealth. The point of it all is that those in positions of power can create arbitrary labels and assign them to whatever and whomever they see fit. This is now reaching the endgame where any White European can be labelled a racist if he or she wishes to survive, prosper and see a next generation of White Europeans. This is an obvious example, but to use a festive example, in October 2014, the dubious-looking 'erection' below appeared in the Place Vendôme. Why was it put up, for whom and what was its significance?